1. Your Initial Call, Website Enquiry, or Email

This is the first and most vital step in the admission process. At this point, you’ve initially reached out for help, or perhaps just sought some information. Our clinically-trained admissions counselor will be available to speak with you confidentially and may gather some information about your situation.

If you made the inquiry through our website or email please be sure to leave your telephone number including your country code and our admissions counselor will call you back within the day, perhaps even within the hour depending on the time of day or night.

During this initial contact, we will provide you with an overview of our treatment programs and the services we offer at Horizon, as well as answer any questions you may have. Our counselor is here to support you and help you understand the options available to you as you begin your journey toward recovery.

2. Clinical Assessment

After you have made initial contact with Horizon Rehab Center, either our admissions counselor (who is a fully trained therapist) or our clinical director will follow up with you to conduct a clinical assessment. This assessment is designed to evaluate your mental health and medical history in order to determine the most appropriate level of care for you. We take confidentiality very seriously at Horizon and will ensure that your personal information is only shared with our clinical team, who are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and support. You can trust that your privacy will be respected throughout the admission process.

3. Assessment Evaluation and Results

It is important to note that we practice discernment when it comes to clinical intakes. Horizon takes pride in operating only within our scope of competence so as to meet all of our clients’ clinical needs. If it was determined by our team that we are unable to provide you with the specific care you need then we will do everything we can to find appropriate treatment for you elsewhere. We have a growing number of trusted partners who specialize in various conditions and may perhaps be better for your clinical needs.

However, If it has been decided by our clinical team that we are able to serve your specific treatment needs our admissions counselor will advise you on the next steps of the admission process.

4. Revision of Center Policies and Your Final Decision

If you have been accepted into our program this will be your chance to make a final decision as to whether you would like to proceed.

This is also a chance for our admissions counselor to advise you on the policies for admission, such as our electronic policy and client agreement to participate in all clinical activities as well as follow their personalized treatment plan.

5. Payment

An initial deposit of $2000 USD will be payable at this time to secure your room and for our clinical team to start creating your personalized program.

The balance will be payable prior to arriving in Thailand.

6. Get Ready for Your Journey to Horizon

We understand that going abroad for treatment be seem like a daunting, even scary thought for a lot of people. Our team is here to make this part of your intake as smooth as possible.

We will provide a recommended packing list as well as follow up on your flight details. In some circumstances, you may need to organize a visa prior to your arrival in Thailand. Our staff will help you with this process as well and advise you on the best course to take.

We will need your flight information ahead of time so we can organize your airport pickup.

7. Arrival in Bangkok and your Airport Pickup

By this time you’ve taken a huge leap of faith, and now you’re here with us.

When you arrive at Bangkok airport you will be welcomed by one of our friendly support team members and transported by private car to our treatment center. After you have had a chance to rest, one of our staff members will sit with you to conduct a thorough clinical and medical assessment of our medical addiction specialists. This assessment will help us identify any co-occurring disorders and add to your customized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of care and support as you begin your journey toward recovery.

8. Medical Detox (if necessary)

If it has been determined by our medical team that you require a medical detox you’ll be well taken care of during this process and can rely on our warm hospitality staff to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

9. Clinical Program

Once it has been determined by our medical team that you have entered a safe period of your detox you will begin your clinical treatment here with us.