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We are located in a peaceful and stunning natural setting, yet is easily accessible from Bangkok.

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Addiction Recovery is a journey, and it starts with the first step.

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Welcome to Horizon Rehab Center

Your Addiction May Not Have Been a Choice, But Your Recovery Can Be.

Horizon Rehab is a premier provider of addiction treatment in Thailand. Located in a tranquil and picturesque sanctuary on the outskirts of Bangkok, Horizon Rehab offers the benefits of nature and the convenience of being near a city. As an extension of the renowned Thonburi Burana Hospital, Horizon Rehab is founded on the highest standards of medical care and incorporates evidence-based treatment for various types of addiction disorders as well as dual diagnosis and trauma

By combining the best medical team in Thailand, along with a highly accredited team of English-speaking addiction therapists, we offer one of the most comprehensive and safe inpatient treatment programs in the region.

Horizon Rehab Center is the newest member of Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG), which holds a network of 18 hospitals located in Thailand and neighboring countries. Created as part of Thonburi Wellbeing Co, Horizon is a fully licensed medical rehabilitation facility under Thonburi Burana Hospital.

A Comprehensive Residential Treatment Program for Substance Addiction, Behavioral Addiction, Dual Diagnosis & Trauma

Our Program Integrates a Western Evidence-Based Model of Addiction Treatment with Eastern Wellness Therapies. Combined, they offer clients a treatment program that is proven to help clients take the necessary first steps in building a life in recovery that is worth holding onto.

Why Choose Us?

A Rehab Team That Knows What it Takes to Recover

With over 70 years of combined recovery time within the clinical and support teams, Horizon Rehab Center offers the benefit of both clinical expertise and personal experience in addiction recovery. In addition to our highly qualified and experienced team, we also offer the most modern and cutting-edge facilities of any treatment facility in Thailand.

Group therapy rooms

One-on-one Counselling Rooms

Indoor dining area

Yoga and Meditation studio

Lush Walkways and Gardens

Bamboo Forest

Fully Functioning Organic Garden

Golf Course

What Our Clients Say

Horizon Rehab Center is always striving to become the clear choice in the industry for addiction rehabilitation. Here is what some of our clients say about our treatment center

What We Treat Here at Horizon Rehab Center

At Horizon, we take the recovery of our clients very seriously. As such, we stick to what we do best, which is help clients who are struggling with substance addiction, process or behavioral addiction, dual diagnosis, and trauma.


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