Jennisa Madan

Role(s) Psychotherapist
Language(s) English,Thai

Jennisa has more than 10 years of varied experience working with clients of all ages with a variety of issues. She has worked with individuals, families, adolescents, and children to address a wide range of issues, including addiction, stress, burnout, anxiety disorders, depression, victims of domestic violence, refugee and asylum seekers, HIV-infected adults, sexual exploitation victims, PTSD, trauma, codependency, and victims of violence.

She uses a client-centered and systemic approach in working with her clients and integrates a range of therapeutic modalities to assist them in reaching their full potential. Her primary approach and technique include Satir's Transformational Systemic Therapy Model (STST), CBT, EMDR, and guided imagery.

She enjoys working with diverse populations, and her primary goal is to support her clients in achieving their optimal level of functioning. Jennisa is extremely culturally diverse and fluent in both English and Thai. Jinny enjoys traveling, watching movies, and singing.