What is Group Therapy?

At Horizon Rehab Center we use group therapy alongside individual counseling to provide a full spectrum of care. Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves a small group of people meeting with a trained therapist to discuss and work through their problems and challenges. Group therapy has been proven to be effective in treating addiction as well as a wide range of mental health conditions. It is a useful supplement to individual therapy.


In group therapy, individuals have the opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings with others who are facing similar challenges. Group members can offer support and encouragement to one another, and the therapist can help facilitate the discussion and offer guidance and feedback. Group therapy can be particularly helpful for individuals suffering from addiction as they often feel isolated or alone in their struggles. Being with others in a therapeutic setting can provide a sense of connection and community.

Group Therapy for Addiction

Our addiction-focused group therapy is designed specifically for individuals struggling with substance use or behavioral addictions.

At Horizon Rehab Center, clients will work closely with one of our experienced therapists and a small group of other people who are also struggling with addiction and similar issues. Our therapists will lead the group in activities, discussions, and other activities that focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of the addiction. We will also focus on developing coping skills and strategies to help make cravings manageable and prevent relapse.

Group therapy is an important component of any comprehensive treatment plan for addiction. It can be particularly helpful for individuals who are seeking recovery and support but have no supportive networks at home. Research shows that group therapy is an effective treatment for a wide range of addictive behaviors. It can help improve a client's general mood, reduce anxiety, and can also positively influence how they interact with other people.

One focus of group therapy is on developing the ability to talk about feelings. Clients have the opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings with others who are facing similar challenges so there is a common goal and a shared sense of purpose. Clients are encouraged to share with others who may be able to relate and offer support, and the therapist is there to help facilitate this process. By exploring and processing feelings in a safe and supportive environment, clients will gain insight into their emotions while learning coping skills to better manage their recovery.

What Kinds of Group Therapy to Expect

At Horizon Rehab Center we use process groups as well as psychoeducational groups with a focus on addiction.

A process group - in the context of addiction treatment - is a type of group therapy that focuses on the therapeutic process itself, rather than on specific content or goals. Process groups are often used in addiction treatment as a way for individuals to explore and process their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors related to their addiction and recovery.

A psychoeducational group is a type of group therapy that combines education and therapy to help individuals understand and address addiction. Examples of topics that might be covered in a psychoeducational group for addiction include:

What is addiction and the cycle of addiction

Strategies for managing cravings and preventing relapse

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The 12 Steps and 12 Step Fellowships

Coping skills for managing stress and emotions

Communication skills and healthy relationships

Through this process, group members can gain a better understanding of substance abuse and addiction, and can develop strategies and skills to improve their overall well-being and reduce the risk of relapse.