Dual diagnosis (also called co-occurring disorders) is not uncommon in the substance abuse community, but those who do present with dual diagnosis may have unique needs for their recovery journey. These individuals with both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder are at a higher risk for self-harm and suicide. Here at Horizon Rehab Center, we boast a highly-trained clinical team who have extensive experience in treating Dual Diagnosis. Our medical and psychiatric team is also the best that Thailand has to offer. Clients can rest assured that they are receiving the best care available as they move toward a happier and healthier life in recovery.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

The relationship between substance abuse and mental health disorders is complex, varied, and controversial. However, what is agreed upon within the medical and clinical establishment is that there are four possible relationships between the two:

A preexisting mental health issue that leads to substance misuse.

Substance use worsens or changes the course of a pre-existing mental health problem.

Substance dependence or intoxication causes psychological symptoms of mental illness.

Substance misuse or withdrawal causes psychiatric symptoms or illnesses

Triggers for these issues can include a variety of negative life events, such as homelessness, relationship problems, or the loss of a loved one.

Addictions Associated with a Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis, or Co-occurring Disorders can affect people struggling with a variety of addictions. Some common addictions that may be accompanied by a mental health issue include

Alcohol Addiction

MDMA Addiction

Crystal Meth or Ice Addiction

Heroin Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction

Eating Disorders

Cocaine Addiction

Types of Mental Illness in Dual Diagnosis

On the other hand, those who have developed an addiction to a substance or behaviour, such as those listed above, may also experience a mental health disorder during their using cycle. It is important to note that the following conditions may have already existed before using took place, or they may have developed as a result of their addiction. Each case varies slightly:

Anxiety Disorders

Bi-Polar Disorder/ Manic Depression


Personality Disorders

Trauma & PTSD

Schizoaffective Disorder


Some of the most common diagnoses of Co-Occurring Disorders that we treat here at Horizon Rehab Center will be highlighted below:

Dual Diagnosis in both Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety is a type of mood disorder that can be caused by other mental health issues or long-term stressors. Stress from relationships, family, work, finances, school, and grief, including drug abuse-related stress, can all lead to anxiety.

Some people with anxiety may experience intense panic attacks and turn to substances like alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. They may also seek prescribed medication to treat their anxiety, which can lead to prescription drug addiction. Seeking professional help at a recovery center is essential for overcoming both the addiction and the cycle of anxiety.

Why Choose a Residential Rehab for Dual Diagnosis

If you are struggling with multiple addictions or have addictions coupled with mental health issues or trauma, know that you are not alone. Many people in need of rehabilitation treatment face similar challenges. It is crucial that you find a treatment center that meets your specific needs if you have a dual diagnosis.

When choosing a recovery center, make sure they establish a relationship with your referring physician and collaborate with your dual diagnosis. It is also important for the staff to have experience in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders and addiction.

Comprehensive care is crucial for those with a dual diagnosis, and here at Horizon Rehab Center we actively work with medical referrers (only with your permission) to address all aspects of your condition. We take Dual Diagnosis very seriously and have a strong understanding of these complex conditions and help you create lasting change and a life in recovery.